Webinar Replay - Introducing Expandable ERP v9.5

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Part 1 - Intro and v9.5 Highlights

Expandable CEO Tony Nevshemal introduces himself, makes a few announcements and then provides an outline of the most interesting enhancements made to the system for v9.5 of Expandable ERP.

  • News from Expandable
  • Outline of v9.5 enhancements
  • Featured Customer Enhancement Requests

Part 2 - e-Purchase Requisitions Demo

Kent DeWolf of Expandable demonstrates the depth and versatility of the updated e-Purchase Requisitions module.

  • Entering a Requisition
  • Approving a Requisition
  • Setting up an Approval Chain

Part 3 - Expandable Insights Demo

Expandable's John Buller discusses new functions planned for Expandable Insights, the excel-based reporting engine that now offers more options than financial reporting.

Complete Webinar

All three sections of the webinar in its 52 minute entirety.

  • Tony Nevshemal tnevshemal@expandable.com
  • Kent DeWolf kdewolf@expandable.com
  • John Buller jbuller@expandable.com

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