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Integrated Engineering & Production

Connecting ERP with Arena PLM

Manufacturing Software for Growing Companies

Expandable’s PLM Integration Adapter creates a synchronized data link between the Expandable ERP system and Arena PLM.

Arena PLM maintains control of the Engineering Change Order (ECO) process, electronically communicating change requirements for fast review and approval before transferring approved changes into Expandable ERP.

Integration provides enterprise-wide access to the most current engineering data, delivering real-time visibility of product data changes, vendor status and associated documents.


Integration touch-points between Expandable ERP and Arena PLM include the following data elements:

Bill of Materials

  • Assembly ID
  • Component ID
  • Drawing Item Code
  • Required Quantity
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Notes
  • Reference Designators

Vendor Part

  • Part ID
  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Manufacturer’s Part ID
  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor Part ID
  • Buy Status

Item Master

  • Part ID
  • Type
  • Description
  • Unit of Measure
  • Revision Level
  • ECN Number
  • Effectivity Date
  • Pending ECN
  • Preferred Vendor


  • Eight User-definable fields
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Substitute Part ID
  • Product Line, Status
  • Part Class
  • Standard Cost
  • Lead Time

IS Expandable for You?

Expandable ERP is a great fit for manufacturers who build complex products using bills of materials, and companies who require product traceability.

Medical Technology

With built-in lot and serial number tracking Expandable ERP is a great fit for companies operating in heavily regulated industries.

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High Tech Electronics

You can focus on innovation while Expandable ERP keeps you grounded to sound business principles.

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Industrial Equipment

Lots of parts with indented BoMs, subassemblies and complex routings? Expandable ERP has you covered.

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OEM "Virtual" Manufacturing

Work closely with your supply chain partners by enabling Expandable's collaborative eCommerce features.

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Contract Manufacturing

Timing is everything in the high volume contract manufacturing and EMS world and Expandable's powerful MRP engine can help.

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General Manufacturing

If you build your products based on Bills of Materials, Expandable's integrated ERP system is a good fit for you.

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Implement Expandable ERP using the option that best fits your business goals.

In the Cloud

Low cost of entry, automatic upgrades and the system is available from wherever you access the Internet.

Cloud ERP

Installed On-site

The most economical option over time as you enjoy long-term deployment with one up-front purchase.

On Premise ERP

On-site Subscription

You get the best of both worlds with low cost of entry and the benefits of controlled updates and customizability.

Subscription ERP

Options also available for deployment on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The Expandable Difference

Unique Implementation Process

Perfected over decades of experience, Expandable’s unique implementation method minimizes the complexity usually associated with on-site ERP system deployments.

Because development, marketing, implementation and support of Expandable products are all accomplished exclusively with direct employees of the company, Expandable delivers economic advantages that other ERP providers can not.

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Advantages of the Expandable Approach

Personal Support

Your implementation will be accomplished with an Expandable support representative who has implemented the system at hundreds of sites like yours. Your Expandable support representative helps you plan your conversion and installation strategy, developing an Implementation Checklist based on the unique challenges and goals of your operation.

Up-front Committment

Other ERP providers charge as much or more for services as for the actual software — and many will hide the true costs until after the initial sale. Because of our experienced, direct approach we know exactly what your implementation will entail. And we include the complete cost of implementation in your sales agreement.

Cost-effective Implementation

Our direct model minimizes implementation expenses to keep the total investment affordable for growing companies. Your investment goes towards superior ERP software as opposed to funding excessive implementation services paid to reseller consultants.

Careful Planning

Before going live with the Expandable installation, your support rep converts and verifies any existing data and financial balances. To assure a successful implementation, your Expandable representative delivers on-site support during the "go-live" phase and through the first month-end closing process.

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Expandable ERP provides a complete integrated business foundation that supports growing manufacturers as they expand all the way to the billion dollar mark.

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