Contract Manufacturing

High volume high pressure

ERP for Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing software for managing high volume production and cost-efficient materials procurement.

Multiple manufacturing modes

The best contract manufacturers are able to manage multiple customer requirements simultaneously, including products they build through a combination of discrete, batch process, and mixed-mode manufacturing processes. 

Maintaining low production costs and high quality standards while meeting aggressive delivery commitments takes special skills and the right business software.

Expandable ERP includes integrated tools that support contract manufacturers and EMS providers who operate highly automated processes.

  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Revision level tracking
  • Convert Quote to sales order
  • Engineering change order tracking
  • Strong inventory management
  • Shop Floor Mobility
  • Bi-directional lot tracking
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Lot control and serial number tracking
  • EDI transmissions
  • Bar-coding
  • Labot tracking
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Applying economies of scale

Contract manufacturers and EMS companies operate best in a highly automated environment and Expandable ERP can help.

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Reliable tools to handle a demanding production environment

Juggle a range of customer requirements that could involve a combination of discrete, batch process, and mixed-mode manufacturing processes.

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High Volume No Problem

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Versatile manufacturing system to serve a wide variety of customers

Delight multiple customers simultaneously while meeting delivery dates, product design requirements and quality specifications.

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Create Efficient Production Routings

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Detailed inventory management to control supplies

With multiple storerooms and multiple locations within a store room you'll find many creative ways to manage your customer inventory.

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Segregate Customer Inventory

System at a Glance

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Expandable ERP delivers a complete integrated business foundation that supports companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations by providing a cohesive business framework that supports the efficient processes and enterprise-wide visibility essential to profitable operations.

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