Why Expandable


Our direct model fosters strong partner relationships because you're supported by direct personnel, not resellers or outside agencies.

Direct to You

Development, marketing, implementation and support of our products is accomplished exclusively with direct Expandable employees.

Economical Implementation

Implementations of Expandable are performed by experienced direct employees of the company who will not waste time padding the consulting hours.

Superior Software

All software development is done in-house by direct employees of  Expandable who take pride in delivering a quality product.

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Customer Success

The bulk of new Expandable customers come as a result of referrals by satisfied customers.

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Your investment is in superior ERP software, not funding excessive implementation services.

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We Listen

Our focus is on delivering a usable set of tools to keep your company profitable and growing.


According to Aberdeen, with Expandable ERP you can expect to achieve productivity improvements that outpace your rivals.

Choosing the right integrated manufacturing system makes all the difference in a company's ability to successfully manage growth and profitability.

In its fifth annual survey, the Aberdeen Group reports that manufacturers using Expandable ERP gain business benefits that exceed the industry average and rival those achieved by best-in class-companies.

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Inventory Accuracy
Manufacturing Schedule Compliance
Complete and On-time Shipments
Standardize Enterprise-wide Procedures

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About Us

Expandable ERP delivers a complete integrated business foundation that supports companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations by providing a cohesive business framework that supports the efficient processes and enterprise-wide visibility essential to profitable operations.

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