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Expandable ERP provides a complete, integrated business foundation for fast-growing manufacturers.

Our Approach

Responsive Support

Expandable support representatives are all direct employees of the company who take personal responsibility for your success with the Expandable system.

Quality Software

Usability, consistency, and reliability are the virtues that drive development of our products to assure the system is dependable and rock solid.

Customer Partnership

Implementing our product is only the first step in a long-term customer partnership. Expandable invests in your success with a commitment of integrity.

How We're Different

Expandable Software, Inc. is a private, employee-owned company and all personnel are direct employees of the company.

Unique Business Model

Expandable's model of marketing, supporting and developing its product without using resellers or outside agencies fosters strong partner relationships with customers.

Direct Support

Implementation and support of our products is accomplished exclusively with direct Expandable employees who know the system well and respond directly to customer needs.

Complete Manufacturing System

Expandable ERP is a fully integrated system that includes everything required to run a high-performance business operation.

Direct Sales

We don't use resellers or outside implementors. Our focus is on making sure new customers are a good fit and will gain maximum value from their investment.

Long-term Partnership

Expandable ERP is designed to provide growing manufacturing with a seamless and cost-effective growth path from startup all the way to the billion dollar mark.

Direct Design

Expandable ERP is programmed by developers who are direct personnel of the company so the user experience is consistent and reliability is rock solid.

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About Us

Expandable ERP delivers a complete integrated business foundation that supports companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations by providing a cohesive business framework that supports the efficient processes and enterprise-wide visibility essential to profitable operations.

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