Form Flow Design

This 1/2 day course is a comprehensive view of how to use the Form Flow Designer in Expandable.

The course is designed for the system administrator and will consist of lecture, discussion and hands-on workshops.

At the completion of this course the participants will have an understanding of:

  • Rearranging Data Elements on a Screen
  • How to Move Data Elements from one Screen to Another Screen
  • How to Set the Order of the Tab Key for Data Entry
  • How to Change the Label of a Data Element
  • How to Change the Color and/or Font of a Label
  • How to Give Access to the Modified Screen via the Security System

Prerequisite: Viewing of the free 1-hour Expandable for New Users training videos. These videos may be accessed through the Customer Resource Center.

This class may also be taken over the Internet. Refer to the Web-based e-Training portion of the training course schedule.

Special Note: The Form Flow Designer module is recommended to be used only by System Administrators and/or IT personnel. Expandable offers this half day course in the use of this module and requires anyone administering this module to take this course. This module is not supported by the hot line. If additional support is required it can be scheduled and would require a PO.

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