Accounts Payable - Check Run (AP2)

This three-hour course will cover the Accounts Payable functions that provide control over cash disbursements and related accounting functions. We will also discuss special functions such as handwritten checks, stop payment, and 1099 forms. This course will consist of lecture, discussion, and hands-on workshops. It is designed for persons needing to know how to generate checks.

At the completion of this course the participants will have an understanding of:

  • Check Generation function
  • Procedures to stop payment on a check
  • Reports and inquiries provided to analyze accounts payable transactions
  • Procedures to generate 1099 Statements

Prerequisite: Viewing of the free 1-hour Expandable for New Users training videos. These videos may be accessed through the Customer Resource Center.

This class may also be taken over the Internet. Refer to the Web-based e-Training portion of the training course schedule.

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