Discover how manufacturers use Expandable to manage their growth:


Matching ERP Complexity With Business Requirements
Small Division Saves Time and Money by Using Tier-Two Instead of Corporate ERP

Maximizing ERP Deployment Pays Off
After Considering Tier-One ERP, Manufacturer Saves Millions by Staying with Tier-Two System

ERP Smoothes Wrinkles
Expandable Smoothes Productions Wrinkles for Startup Manufacturer of Revolutionary Cosmetic Surgical System

A Winning Startup Combination
Group of Entrepreneurs Breeds Multiple Winners with Expandable

Medtech Company Sees Clearly
Laser manufacturer gains real time information with Expandable

Startup Jump Starts Manufacturing
Fiber-optic startup gets up and running quickly with Expandable

Computing ERP Benefits
Computer systems manufacturer eliminates voluminous manufacturing reports and reduces inventory by implementing an ERP system

Profiting from Simplicity
Tier-Two ERP System Helps Food Producer Manage Growth While Saving Money

ERP Optimizes Manufacturing Operation
Expandable Helps Tom's of Maine Increase Production by 10%

Flexible ERP System Streamlines Shop Operations
Materials Management Key to Coordinating Supplier Shipments

Integrated ERP Brings It All Together
Reduced Inventory 50%

Networking Startup
Low-cost ERP With Integrated MRP Helps Startup's Sales to Soar